We do many things for our clients
but we are known for our work in a few areas

Positioning and Messaging

Nowadays your buyers are everywhere, not just in IT. We will help you identify them and re-position your firm with clear, concise and compelling messaging.

Sales Enablement and Demand Generation

Selling to the same buyers over and over again can lead to complacency, stale stories and outdated demos. We can help you re-boot your approach.

Loss / Stall Analysis

You win some, you lose some, but most of your deals stall. Do you know why? The Levy Group will get the insight you need to accelerate revenue this quarter.

Content Strategy

Align your brand, business goals and audiences to your investment. Our content team will create compelling content… how, when and where your audiences want it.

Competitive Intelligence

Like most firms, you lack either the capacity or capability to perform competitive intelligence (CI), leaving you guessing about your competitors. Retain The Levy Group as your CI partner or bring us on to complete specific projects.

Editorial and Content Development

The buzz in B2B is about content marketing. But many firms are guilty of gunking up their marketing automation engines with jargon-filled junk. We will create quality content, not just quantity.