In technology, the best products DON’T win…ever

In technology, the best products DON’T win…ever

The best marketed products win. The best sold products win. NOT the BEST products. Especially in technology. No one cares about your features and functions.   The road to enterprise software success is paved with the carcasses of product development executives who thought their code was more elegant, or more stable.  But Ariba and Oracle still kicked their butts.

Don’t try to tell me that Apple is successful because its products are the best.

For the record, I am an Apple guy: Macbook Air, iPhone 6, iPad2, iPadMini, a drawerful of iPods, iPodTouch’s, nano’s.  Sure those products work great, but maybe certain ASPECTS of Apple’s products are better (simplicity of design being one).  Otherwise the relative merits of Apple products are debatable.

And there are plenty of people who will debate you. I know a guy who will go to the mattresses about the Surface…and another guy who will argue  endlessly about the GalaxyPro…and another guy who loves loves LOVES Lenovo laptop.

People don’t buy the product or the technology, they buy what the technology can do.

Actually, they buy the benefits of what the technology can do.

Nope.  They buy the benefits of those benefits, which is called value.

More accurately, they buy the way they FEEL when they realize that value.

And those emotions are expressed in a very specific human moment.

I buy Apple products because of the way I feel in the moments when I use them.   That is the reason why anyone buys anything of importance, including enterprise software.


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