The Real Reason Why Your Software Interface is Killing Your Sales

The Real Reason Why Your Software Interface is Killing Your Sales

Last quarter was rough. Revenue was down. Renewals were harder to secure than usual and you lost several deals to a couple of start-ups.

And you think you know why: You software UI hasn’t been updated in years.

That’s a problem, but making an investment in re-doing the front-end interface is hard to justify, especially when your back-end code still works. In fact, it works great… maybe even better than the products from those pesky start-ups who are kicking your butt in the sales arena.

You’re frustrated. You wonder, “How can clients be taken in by the ‘bells and whistles’ of a superficial interface when we have two dozen reference clients that have shown double digit ROI over the last several years?”

Here is what we tell our clients: The best code does not win. No one can see it.

But everyone sees the UI. These days your users – actually, everyone! – expect every piece of software including enterprise platforms to work as simply as the apps on their iPhones. Furthermore, a clumsy interface sends off warnings in your prospects’ minds:

  • “If their interface works poorly, maybe THE COMPANY works poorly?”
  • “If the front-end isn’t seamless, then maybe the back-end won’t be either. Here comes a nightmare implementation!”

There’s a deeper reason, however, why your software’s clumsy interface is costing you deals. No one wants to bet their career on it!

The people who use your software everyday: They come to work, sit down at a terminal and log-in to your product, and BAM! They get a familiar pit-in-the-stomach feeling. They hate using your software.

But the thing is, they have to. It’s THEIR JOB!

The real reason no one wants to use ugly, awkward product is that no one wants to become an expert in it! And if no one wants to become an expert in it, then no one will recommend it. Even if your code is superior.